Hiwassee College Dental Clinic

The state of the art dental hygiene clinic at Hiwassee College boasts five dental operatories fully equipped with medical grade computers and iPad’s for patient records, digital x-rays, ultrasonic scalers, and intraoral cameras. The dental chairs are specially designed for patient and operator comfort. A highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff supervise and assist students throughout each dental appointment. The instruments and supplies used during patient care are considered the gold standard within the professional community. Hiwassee College would love to assist you with all your dental hygiene needs including exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, intraoral and extra oral radiographs, mouth guards, night guards, tooth whitening systems, denture cleaning, nutritional counseling, tobacco cessation programs, nitrous oxide sedation, topical and local anesthetics available for scaling and root planning procedures, localized antibiotic application, and customized patient home care instructions. Please call and schedule your appointment today so that we can begin assisting you in creating and maintaining a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Patient and Clinic Policies

This facility provides the opportunity for our dental hygiene students to receive their clinical experience in preparation to become licensed professional dental hygienists. The services provided by the student dental hygienists are under the supervision of licensed dentists and dental hygienists. These services include oral prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), review of health history, blood pressure screening, extra and intraoral examination, oral cancer screening, oral hygiene evaluation and instruction, scaling and root planning (deep cleaning, anesthesia available if necessary), localized antibiotic application, fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants, x-rays which are used by the dentist to diagnose the condition of teeth and surrounding bone, nutritional counseling, and tobacco counseling.

All patients in the clinic are entitled to respect, confidentiality, and quality care that meet professional standards. Patients should expect to be informed of the treatment recommended and alternatives, the option to refuse treatment, the risk of no treatment, and the expected outcomes of various treatments.
Patients must be aware that services rendered in an academic setting often require a significantly greater amount of time than in a private dental office and will often require patients to return for subsequent visits to complete treatment. Due to the learning environment in which services are provided, patients must also be aware that educational discussion between students and instructors will occur.

Patients should understand that dental hygiene students cannot diagnose cavities, oral lesions, or faulty restorations. The dental hygiene care received in the dental hygiene clinic is not a substitute for regular, periodic, examination by a patient’s regular dentist. The clinic encourages all patients to contact their regular dentist for an examination to evaluate additional dental needs.

Please contact the Dental Hygiene Clinic at 423-420-1234 to schedule an appointment.